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Make no experiments! If you are looking for a worktop capable of withstanding even the most aggressive chemicals under the extreme work conditions of a laboratory, the right solution is MAX Resistance.
In fact, its special coating makes it impervious to solvents and chemicals. Easy to clean and disinfect, this material will enormously extend the life of your laboratory (worktops, walls, tables).
Additional benefits: MAX Resistance is dyeing-proof and has great mechanic resilience.
Made of tested raw materials, compressed by high pressure, compact and homogeneous.
It is also seamless and consequently wetness-proof in a permanent way.

Ideal for any type of laboratory, hygienic and research facilities, hospitals and photo workshops, food industry and any site where easy cleaning and strength are required.



The dimensions of the currently available modules are: length: 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm, depth: 600 or 750 mm.
Requests of different dimensions can be also evaluated.


0085 RE
Reseda Green
0851 RE
Winter White
0741 RE
Birch Grey
0074 RE
Pastel Grey
0075 RE
Dark Grey
0080 RE

The worktops MAX Resistance, distributed by KERAPLAN, come mainly in the color Pastel Grey code 0074 RE and in the standard modules as indicated above.

If you request other colors or models than the standard ones, please contact our Sales Office. Our commercial team will submit you an offer that surely suits your needs.

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