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KERAPLAN, during the exhibition ACHEMA 2006, in fact introduced a new line of produced from laboratory of last generation that has received the favors of experts and final users as, for example, researchers and chemists, coming from the whole world.

And now, thanking the new total modularity of our new products, to create groups of washing of great dimensions and to connect, as never before, antacid surfaces with and without risen edges for containment.

This New Series is in production, also thanking the high quality of the working people and the systems used for this range of products.




The New Line

The new Line KERFUL was born after a long series of technical tests of production and brightly overcome our inside qualitative tests.

The new lavery L0600750, unlike the usual standard plans, it eliminates the possibility of accumulation of the deposits in those that are the possible cracks in proximity of the glued sinks, simplifying and accelerating the cleaning process of the surfaces.

This new system of washing, usable as I modulate single or in connection to all the surfaces of the new series KERFUL Line with or without edges, is in fact endowed with a big sink aperture with opening of mm. 500x400, real ability ever produced in precedence.

After 30 Years of experience in the field of the ceramics, the continuous interaction with our clients and the technical opinions of the end users of our products, we thought to create a group of washing that joins to the usual peculiarities, fundamental for the surfaces from laboratory, a new vision of together where the style and the aggressive design are part integral of the furnishing.

The preset forms with one or more All In One Laveries of heading and the worktops in the standard measures mm. 1200, 1500 and 1800 with depth mm. 750 offers the possibility to realize central benches and perimetral of various typologies.

The novelty, however, is the extreme possibility of connection of the Laveries mm. 600x750x250 both with the New Series K10 (plain with risen edges) that with the Series M30 (plain without edges).
All these things thanking the uniformity of the single series, today produced with a thickness of mm. 30.


A New Typology of Surfaces,
ever thought before, has born.
It offers the possibility to create large worktop benches,
with and without risen edges for liquids.

In fact, the New Series K10 2006 has a special thickness
of mm. 30, perfectly connectable with the New Lavery
L0600750 and with the M30 Series worktops too.
Thanking the New Series of worktops without risen edges around M30 KERAPLAN demolishes the old barriers
caused by the different thicknesses,
creating New solutions for Laboratory Furniture.

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