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K10 / P10 - BENCH TOPS


Modular worktops with relief borders on the four sides.
Thickness: 37/30 mm; working surface: 30 mm; borders: 37 mm.
Safety, functionality, resistance, tradition: basing on these principles KERAPLAN™ has designed and developed the Series K10. Many models are available in different lengths and depths.
The bulging border all around prevents the risk of possible contamination spreading to the rest of the bench, increasing safety and ensuring easy cleaning.
Available also in new version KERFUL

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Modular worktops from the Series K10 can be fitted together with great flexibility to form large surfaces.

The Series P10 allows to obtain central or wall benches with a single, continuous surface, eliminating the bulging borders in-between.

No obstacles, no restrictions to the desired positioning of equipments and instruments!
Available also in new version KERFUL

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KER 9010
KER 7035
Pale grey
KER 7004
Dark grey
KER 5014
Blue grey
KER 8004


KER 5001
Pale grey
spotted black
KER 7000
Dark grey
spotted white/black

The glazing of the KERAPLAN worktops and sinks has been specially studied to withstand the aggression of the chemicals that are normally used in a laboratory.
In the glazing process, color pigments are spread on the surfaces.
During the firing at high temperature, these pigments completely blend into the underlying ceramic surface and crystallize.
Besides the technical function of surface protection, the glazing (in several colors) can well be defined as the beauty treatment of a ceramic product.

The available colours can be:


To guarantee optimal uniformity of the KERAPLAN™ articles, the same enamels are used for all colours.

All the images referred to the colours are purely indicative. Please contact our office in order to receive small samples of our range of colours by courier. Keraplan reserves the right to modify its catalogue without any warning.

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