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In 1971 KERAMOS is born. It is a small-size factory that makes acid-proof ceramic tiles and accessories for laboratory benches. During 15 years KERAMOS experiments, researches and develops special ceramic mixtures for manufacturing large-sized slabs. The only company in Italy to make this type of materials, KERAMOS is one of the first manufacturers in the world to adopt the monofiring technique at high temperatures, over 1240°C.

In 1982 KERAMOS becomes KERAPLAN, that starts, for the first time in Italy, the production of large monolithic slabs made of acid-proof ceramics.

During the last twenty-five years the company has completely changed its original structure, automatising most manufacturing and machining processes, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

In the past two years KERAPLAN has been further innovating: in January 2005 a new plant was added to the existing structure, its offices as well as the raw material cutting and packaging departments became bigger. This has greatly improved its capacity, monitored by a computerized manufacture managing system.

A laboratory has been created for analysis and research of the ceramic compounds used for the manufacture of all products. Thanks to its in-house developments KERAPLAN has succeeded in making worktops and sinks that join perfect resistance and stylish design.

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