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Keraplan™ stoneware in the Laboratory

A continuous evolution of KERAPLAN™ production processes and the adoption of selection criteria for the raw materials which prioritize environment protection, have allowed KERAPLAN™ to make products that are highly resistant to acids and deep abrasion on the one hand and have the property of being non-polluting on the other.

Utilising the new plants even the industrial stoneware production process has a minimum impact on the environment.
While applying this ecological policy with determination, KERAPLAN™ has defined a production management program which stresses residues recycling and the least possible generation of waste.

All KERAPLAN™ products like tabletops, sinks, etc. are made of stoneware, that is a compound of clay, quartz, feldspar and other natural elements, suitably mixed and fired at a temperature of 1240° C.
Unlike other ceramic materials, KERAPLAN™ stoneware is obtained by "monofiring", a method that makes it particularly resistant.
The final glazing of the surface, besides increasing its resistance to acids, makes it also attractive from an aesthetical point of view.

Characteristic and Utilization

KERAPLAN™ stoneware is a perfectly environment-friendly material. Like glass, it is not pollutant and can be recycled.
For its characteristics it is resistant against the aggrèssion of chemicals, salts, acids and solvents at any concentrations, except fluorhydric acid and strong and hot alkalis

KERAPLAN™ stoneware is waterproof, fireproof and non-conductive.

KERAPLAN™ stoneware tabletops can be used individually or combined to form workbenches practically in an endless variety of forms and dimensions. Being self-supporting, they are so easy to install: just lay them on adjusting feet or rubber buffers placed under the corners.

All the products realized by KERAPLAN made of anti-acid grés are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of consignment of the commodity; KERAPLAN will provide to the substitution of the damaged commodity, where directly referred to defects of production.
Summary of Characteristics

Resistance to Acids

It withstands the aggression of all chemical agents: salts, acids and solvents at any concentration, except fluorhydric acid and strong alkalis, if very hot. caldi.

The absorption of liquids is minimal. The KERAPLAN™ stoneware mass is impervious to water, with a porosity and consequent water absorption that is below 0.5%.

Stoneware can well resist various types of mechanical stress. The resistance to compression and bending is rated at 8 on the Mohs' scale.

Heat resistance
The material withstands high temperatures, is fire-proof and non-conductive.

East care
KERAPLAN™ tabletops and sinks can be easily and quickly cleaned of organic matters and radioactive contaminants.

Stoneware is recyclable and does not contain polluting substances, as it is made of absolutely natural elements, properly purified and mixed.

KERAPLAN™ worktops are designed to be rapidly assembled in a variety of patterns according to a user's need.

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